Anna Karenina the Musical (2018)

Live-performance film of the Moscow
Operetta Theatre’s hit musical.

Show Director: Alina Chevik
Writer: Yuliy Kim
Composer: Roman Ignatyev
Film Director: Yeji Shin
Main Cast: Ekaterina Guseva, Sergey Lee, Alexander Marakulin

UHD / 5.1 Surround Sound / Run time: 132 mins.



Beautiful noblewoman, Anna Karenina, lives with her respected husband and loving son. She encounters the dashing Count Vronsky among Moscow’s high society and their undeniable attraction for each other forever changes the landscape of Anna’s seemingly perfect world…

The dramatic love story found within the pages of Leo Tolstoy’s literary classic is reimagined in this production brought to you by Russia’s acclaimed Moscow Operetta Theatre. With all- original numbers that will capture your heart, Anna Karenina the Musical takes you on an emotional journey through the glitz and glamor of 19th century Russia. Innovative set and lighting designs along with visually stunning costumes and choreography will take your breath away.

Experience the world of Tolstoy like never before with this live-performance film of Anna Karenina the Musical!

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